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I have seen some very exotic looking modifications done on AR15 and AK type rifles such as the Kvar Krinkovs and others.
I would like to have some work done on my old M1 carbine as long as it is completely legal. Judging by what these other companies are doing I don't think there is any problem with what I would like to have done.

(1). Take a 51/2" CAR 15 type flash hider (Model1 Sales) and open it up to 30 cal.
(2). Chop the barrel of my M1 carbine to 10 3/4" so that with flash hider permanently installed, the overall length is just over 16".

If this doesn't present any kind of problems technical or legal please let me know what such a job would cost.

Thanks for your email. I don't see any legal problems with your request. However, the M1 Carbine is a gas operated gun. Reducing the barrel length also reduces the gas build up and could cause problems with cycling.

Also, most flash hiders are designed to be threaded on. The threaded dimensions of the AR is 1/2-28, so the outside diameter of barrel needs to be at least 1/2" (preferably larger). The job is definitely do-able IF the barrel O.D. is large enough. But, keep in mind that the reliability may be reduced due to lower gas build-up. It may be possible to modify the gas system if there is a problem after the barrel is shortened. Also, we would have to figure out some type of sight to put back on the barrel (unless you plan to mount a scope).

The cost to cut back the barrel, recrown it, thread it, and permanently install the flash hider (for legality) would be $125, plus the cost of the flash hider. If modifications are needed for the gas system or the sight, the price will go up from there. Thanks again, Michael

Is it feasible to build a carbine very similar to the Marlin Model .45 Camp Gun, that uses the 1911 Colt 45ACP magazines? If so, how much money are we talking about?

If no, can you refer me to or in touch with me someone who has a Marlin Model .45 for sale? Thank you for your the way, you have a great website.

Thanks for the question and the nice compliment. I don't think it's feasible to build a carbine from scratch that would use 1911 magazines. I can't think of anything that would be easily converted.

You might try Gun Broker is an auction sight where individuals list their guns for sale. There are lots of different guns listed, you may just find a .45 Camp Carbine for sale. Also, go to , they manufacture a conversion kit that converts a 1911 lower into a carbine it is around $350.00. Thanks, Michael

I have a Remington 700 chambered in .308 win. Can you re-barrel it to a .300 WSE?

Yes, no problem. The bolt face will have to be enlarged and you will need a Sako style extractor installed. Call and we'll discuss the barrel and other variables. Thanks, Michael

When I shoot my 1911, the trigger will not return forward. What would cause this?

The trigger bow is probably dragging on the magazine. To fix this, I would need to remove some metal from the inside of the trigger bow. Michael.

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